We are a Digital Marketing Agency Coffs Harbour Based who
understand this journey is about you, not us !

However, if you want to get to know us a little better, take a peek inside and see how we can help you understand your online world.

Crush Studios About us a Digital Marketing Agency Coffs Harbour


Why Crush Studios!

Crush Studios is a Digital Marketing Agency Coffs Harbour based that was founded with one simple goal in mind, to help businesses uncomplicate their online life. We are driven to make sure you get the best advice without all the jargon; this ensures you get the most value for your money and the best outcomes for your business and customers.

We are a freelance web design and digital guidance business who look after other small to medium business,
this ensures our attention is firmly on our clients and not profits..

With 20+years’ experience in Sales and Marketing environments my passion for design, digital assets and helping people uncomplicate there online life. This is what drives me to learn constantly and provide creative and unique digital solutions that meet our client’s needs.

A little about me....

Clinton - Crush Studios director

Hi I’m Clinton, the Owner and Creative Director of Crush Studios. I have always had a passion for design and digital marketing and have spent most of my life in sales and marketing environments.

Website design started as a hobby and now is an obsession! Like many small business owners to become experts we need to have great people around us. That’s why we have spent many years finding the best local talent to collaborate with.

My passion for design and digital assets is what drives me to learn constantly, this allows me to provide creative and unique websites that meet our client’s needs. I want to bring your business and passion to life in the digital space all whilst uncomplicating your online world.!

Our Collaborative Team

I have spent many years searching for amazing people to collaborate with.

We have a settled on a few who consistently deliver for their own clients and ours. No matter what your project needs, we have the resources to suit your budget and your goals. 

We can either engage them on your behalf or assist you in working with them directly. Most of our Website packages include some of their services as standard. 

A little love....

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