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Care Plans

Our care plans will keep your website running at its peak performance.
We have crafted plans to suit all types of websites.
Choose to update it yourself or have us take care of any changes for you.
We are here for you when you need support.

Essentials Care Plan

$ 1 per day
paid annually $365

Premium Care Plan

  • max 30m of changes to text or image per month (NRO)
  • excludes ecommerce products
$ 1
per day
monthly $46 or annually $547

Obsession Care Plan

  • max 30m of changes to text or image per month (NRO)
  • excludes ecommerce products
$ 2 per day
monthly $61 or annually $730

If you would like to request a change to your plan Please advise via our renewal form below. 

Please note** If you have subscribed and paid for a yearly plan you can only go up to a higher tier plan. If you wish decrease you will need to apply when your renewal is invoiced the following year. Monthly plans can be moved at anytime with two months notice 

Crush Care Plan Renewal Form

*Like any digital product or device minor and major updates are required from time to time. We always test major updates for compatibility! In the case of any issues after updates we provide up to one hour free of charge to troubleshooting and fix issues. if we cant resolve i this time we will provide an estimate for repair or roll back to the last backup. If you make updates or changes we will and something goes wrong we will gladly restore the site to the last backup at no charge once per month at no additional charge.
If you don’t take up a care plan or have hosting with another provider we cannot guarantee the security on the site any issues arising will be quoted for repair. Whilst we take all measures to have tight security measures in place, just like major corporations cyber criminals can attack if your site is hacked we will restore to a previous backup if this can’t fix the issues a deep clean from a third party and potential rebuild may be required we will quote this if the need arises. The standard Crush studios Hourly rate is $120 as at January 2020 all invoice must be paid within 7 days unless otherwise agreed.  

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